Wednesday, September 7, 2011

23rd Birthday

I never like doing anything big for my birthday, I suppose I like to keep everything small and intimate. Or perhaps I'm clever and strategic - instead of one big party, each of my individual friends is forced to entertain me one by one!! All jokes aside, I prefer having the time to really talk to those who are dear to me.

So of course, celebrations started off with a little family dinner. I tried to get my grandmother to take a photo with me:

 My mom eventually acquiesced (note the tense expression)...

 My little cousin had no choice, really

And the rest of the clan eventually succumbed to peer pressure

Mario was also great enough to be there with me. Just in case the conversations in Cantonese became too rapid-fire for me to understand.

...Because he speaks the language fluently and makes a great translator.


I think it's common to feel this way when you're part of an Asian family, but mine can be so chaotic and combative. But ultimately, at the end of the day, I love them so much. And I couldn't have imagined a better way to kick off the celebrations. Mario took me to Local Kitchen & Wine Bar, located in Parkdale on Queen West, the next day-- but that's for the next post!

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