Friday, September 9, 2011

Nigella Lawson's Ricotta Hotcakes

I love Nigella Lawson.

I met her once at a book signing and she fumbled with my copy of "Nigella Bites" when handing it back. I airily made a joke about her ruining my book, and she smiled warmly and apologetically in return. In reality I was thinking "PLEASE LOVE ME."

I love her food, I love her writing, I love her charismatic presence. In "Forever Summer", she describes her recipe for Ricotta Hotcakes as "the flavour of cheesecake combined with a texture that's best, if wordily, described as a kind of souffled griddle cake." It was one of her recipes that I had yet to try, but needed to.



I disagree on the cheesecake flavor bit, but the moist, souffle-y texture is a welcome change, and (as she notes) they have a lemon flavor without having any lemon added at all! Fresh strawberries are a must with this breakfast, very little syrup required. This breakfast is totally up my alley. While I love syrup drenched pancakes and dense, breakfast sausages, I usually end up feeling quite sick and regretful afterwards. The lightness of these hotcakes allows me to reflect on them mid-afternoon with a glowing fondness.


Will winter breakfasts be as fair as this?


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