Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Little Things

Autumn/Winter Colors

I was browsing the Essie nail polish collection, looking for "cold weather" colors when this dark, gorgeous gunmetal gray caught my eye. I thought it would look edgy yet sophisticated, and eventually spiraled into delusions of how this would become my signature look of the season.

But when I actually wore it on my nails, it looked off! And actually, quite terribly, it reminded me of the color when someone slams their thumb on a car door.

Solution: Sephora's clear gold top coat. I love, love, love this combination, and I don't think the picture does it justice at all. I'd like to dub these my "gold mine" nails, with the coal-like shimmering backdrop and the flecks and shards of gilded light on top.

Birthday Sparkle

It was recently my grandmother's 80th birthday, and since she is a very important part of my life I wanted to get her something special. They were a bit out of my price range, but the look she had when she got them (and she's very, very hard to impress) made it worth it.

Lee Garden

I've been going to this restaurant since I was in kindergarten, I believe. Amazing food. And as the sign says outside, no MSG. Their sauces are never thick, over corn starched monstrosities - always perfect, always delicious. Their daily soup is also always so sweet and fragrant. I always think a great fish broth should look milky, just like that. They don't take reservations so go early, there is ALWAYS a line up.

331 Spadina Ave.

The Classic Croissant + Coffee Combo

Whenever I've had a night out, it's always nice to force myself out of bed the next day and face the outside world-- rather than allowing my inevitable headache to consume me. Having a decent croissant with my friend Graham was just the pick me up I needed to face the day after a long night. Check out his theatre company,  Pressgang Theatre. They had a shout out on CBC radio the other day! I'm expecting great things.


  1. LOVING the new blog Miss Ingrid!
    Miss you & wish I could have dropped in before you left but please keep in touch as I will & we must get together as soon as humanly possible.
    Study hard you brilliant young lady!
    You may have just inspired me to blog again (though my last attempt was extremely short-lived).
    ps. Email/FB me with your mailing address & I will send you random post cards when I go places that are far away and sparely popoulated haha

  2. Hahaha the smashed thumb colored didn't come to mind at first but after reading it's all I can see! But really, it's quite striking especially with the gold top coat!

    Beautiful birthday gift to your grandmother. Really stunning & thoughtful!

  3. Awww happy belated birthday to your grandmother! She definitely looks so happy with that present. Love your nailpolish!

  4. LOVE the nail color. Can't wait to try it!

  5. Why is that sparkly nail polish not in my collection. WHY

  6. Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! You've made me want to run out and get some Essie nailpolish and do the gold splatter!

    PS. Your grandma is sooooo cute!